In order for the proper model of the universe to be deduced, we must use logic first and foremost to determine how things probably are.  If we do not hinge ourselves in logic, we can jump to conclusions that are not based in reality and propagate misinterpretations that lead society's baseline outlook of the universe we live in.  This directly affects how we, as a society, choose to live.


In all things, be it learning a new language, using our senses, literally every form of understanding is the result of pattern recognition.  By being able to see differences and similarities, we are able to live in a more accurately understood world, like day versus night.


Thus, pattern recognition should not be taken lightly but should be used as a framework upon which logic is built.  The universe appears to be ordered and follow a set of principles.  What those principles specifically are should not be complicated but rather should be simple and elegant.  As we understand more completely, it is only logical for that understanding to be more specific and exact rather than having added complexity.  Current models in physics all add complexity, and thereby are very good approximations at best.  They are not descriptions of the underlying way that things work because they are not models of infinity but are limited.


Only when infinity is considered and included in a sound, logical model based on pattern inference can the proper understanding of the way things are be found.  This model uses logic to develop it and then reverse-engineers how the observations are thereby created from that model rather than using the observations themselves as a basis for what the model is.  This is the only way that the fundamentals can be uncovered, else we are just throwing darts.  Sound logic brings unbiased understanding.


So what is the theory?