I’m advancing,

Might seem like I’m stalling but I’m upgrading my engine,

Revving, put the pedal to the metal and imma tell you just what I did,

Was ignited, the fire inside of me burns brighter than the sun can,

Can’t see it cuz it’s blinding,

Light so overwhelming it makes your senses numb like Novocain,

I ain’t hiding, biding my time till it’s time to spark a blaze, then you’ll know just what I did,

Remove the haze, I ain’t stopping, I’m just getting started,

Mistake me for being done when all I’m doing is pulsing,

Ebb and flow, like the tide I come and go,

Now you see me, now you don’t,

Next thing you know I’ll be on you like a hurricane,

My great flood is coming, 

Reshaping the landscape to something more captivating,

Invigorating, cleansing like a forest fire,

Your knee jerk reaction is lacking,

Wondering who I think I am when I know I Am,

To be or not to be, that is the question,

Gonna leave you guessing,

Weren’t ready for me and now I’m here to shine my light in the darkness, 

I have one life to live, so imma do it how I see fit,

Sorry I’m not sorry for knocking it out of the park with everything I spit,

My work ain’t just a new branch of science,

It’s a new plant,

Watch it as it grows,

Casting shadows on the old ways,

Removing them from their source of energy,

Till their decay is apparent,

And their appeal becomes abhorrent,

Everything I say is relevant,

Are you feeling it?

Might seem like metaphors galore, 

But it’s much more,

Drawing parallels between disciplines, 

Connecting the dots like I’m a kid again,

I’m switching the gearbox,

This will only take a moment,

Your patience is appreciated until we get underway,

Watch what you say, 

I’m a living legend and I ain’t going away,

White male American,

Might have it all but I also have nothin’,

If you think you are calling my bluffin’,

Then you’ll find my aces are full, I got the nuts, and,

I’m pushin’, all in, action’s on you,

Whatchu gonna do?

Read my poker face,

I know the strength of what I'm holdin',

I recommend you get to foldin',

I’ll rake it in and tip the dealer,

Who dealt me this hand,

What a life I was given,

Can't do nothin but honor it,

I'll take it from here,

Found the truth and now I'm honing it,

Boss in training, voicing my opinion,

Think I’m bossing, but I’m just sayin’,

If you listen closely when I speak,

You just might find,

I’m onto something you seek.

Ain’t reached it but I’m on my way,

Bulldozing the terrain with each step I take, 

Building a highway,

Catch my drift so you can ride in my draft,

Clearing the path so you can follow my math,

Calculated, precision craft, grandmaster I'll be validated,

Insinuated, read between the lines and see how I evaluate it,

Complicated, but it’ll only take a moment to see how simple I made it,

Tune into my frequency,

So you can start feelin’ me,

Resonate with my description of infinity,

It's why I'll live in infamy,

A straight shooter,

I'm peering through the octaves of eternity,

Peaking into the mind of The One and Only,

Getting to know the Most Holy,

Let me tell you my story,

I questioned everything and embraced the unknown,

Lept into the depths as I was shown,

Directed, I'm guided like a missile,

I stand corrected, truth confided in me like an apostle,

Disciple of the Most High I am the whistle,

A man of logic, trimming overgrown fields with my sickle,

My blade's sharper than a katana,

From experience's whetstone,

Into the fire of years of struggling,

Hit with the blunt force of a life of hustling,

Reshaped by the countless impacts of my stumbling,

Put back into the fire for rinse and repeating,

Then quenched in a life that bares repeating,

Wasn't always this way,

Let me tell you my story,

Listen to what I got to say,

I ain't special but I'm the one and only,

Think I'm a phony but that's cuz you don't know me,

Articulate, it's why I'm the shit, so lit,

I must admit, spitting image of the infinite,

Legit misfit with a permit to emit for your benefit,

You and me both, that's why I do it how I do it,

Dedicated to growth, that's why I knew it how I knew it,

Unspoken oath, that's why I went through it how I went through it,

Transmit my retrofit and make out like a bandit,

Under the pressure I've been, I've become crystalline,

Precious stone, where do I begin?

Climbed to the top of the mountain and was balanced on a knife's edge,

Centered, I was open to reception,

That's when I got the message,

And then I was off on my voyage, 

To the edges of infinity that’s where I became a sage,

Like a mage I cast a spell on this age,

Dispel the haze to bring brighter days,

Don’t rage I’m just doin my part,

Following my heart,

Everything I do is an art,

Took a shot in the dark but I’ve got night vision,

I’m driven to succeed in my mission,

No brakes I’m a runaway truck speedin down the mountain,

Drink from my fountain,

And find youth everlasting.