Are You Listening?


Yeah, I'm daring to share,

Why do you care?

‘Cause you can't help but hate on my views too,

I know I'm still growing,

And this is my waste I'm bellowing,

Took the path of greatest resistance,

‘Cause I had the most mass to move,

Ain't no one being left behind,

Gonna keep on gettin' stronger,

So when I put out my hand,

I pick you up with ease,

Won't ever let up to please,

Just ‘cause you hate me don't mean I'ma hold myself back,

I'm choppin' down these realities like a lumberjack,

So they can be used to build the House of God,

One Reality composed of All,

In order to stand united,

Divided views must fall.

I get it, I ain't with it,

I need to quit it, bite the bullet,

Drop the bullshit,

Stop being a hypocrite,

Thinkin' I'm onto somethin',

When I'm just on somethin',

“Whose this lunatic?

“He's making me ballistic,

“What kind of peace could come from this tactic?

“This schism he's opening is widening quick!”

Sigh, your thoughts are so sporadic,

Life in the fast lane but you are missin' your exit,

Interpretation don't make it so,

But if you don't bother to listen,

How could you know?

Rejecting from the get-go,

Needin' to be right for your ego,

When I flex mine you better pay attention,

The weight of my words is soaked in lives of reflection,

Diggin' deeper, picking up hidden treasures,

Gonna have to invent a new variable for my skill to be measured,

You never seen someone so clever,

What I do is out of love,

Tell you what's up,

Bring change by realigning,

Room full of conversations,

Time to shout to get your attention,

Got somethin' to say,

‘Cause I was told so,

You don't get it, I'm right,

Built my house from the ground up,

Now the top's out of sight,

I know you won't care about me,

Not until I pay the final price,

Then you'll play like you loved me,

When you stood idly while I stood for you,

Better look yourself in the eyes,

Face yourself, and revitalize,

I do that shit every day, son,

Analyze my decisions ‘cause I ain't playin',

Do you hear what I'm saying?

Constantly editing,

Reprioritizing and discrediting,

Ain't no greater scrutinizer of what I do or say,

But it's comin' out ‘cause I'm free,

Better think twice if you wanna silence me,

Might not be keepin' my mouth shut,

Doesn't take away from the benevolence in me,

Tellin' you how it is,

‘Cause I am bringin' us to share one reality,

Ain't mine I was just shown the door,

But it's gonna include mine ‘cause I ain't limiting,

My God is Everything,

Why aren't you listening?

Might be voicing my opinion,

But you don't know my patience,

The years I lied in wait,

Preparing to say this,

Listening carefully,

Student of Reality,

You think I might not have heard,

But I've heard it all before,

Rinsing and repeating,

Limited gods can be deceiving,

Don't go following me,

I ain't all there is,

But I got a point,

So don't go stopping me,

Gonna say it how I see it,

I get it, you deserve freedom,

Didn't ask for the weight of my burden,

Were doin' just fine before I arrived,

You were ridin' in style,

And now you're my dipole.

Before I came along you were still searching for something,

It's the Infinite you're missing, 

A message in everything,

Are you paying attention?

Holy shit I can't quit it,

Am I a hypocrite?

Following my heart,

Bringing rage by my arrogance,

‘Cause I'm darin' to spit this,

Got everyone against me,

But ain't no way I'm gonna omit this,

I've been in training,

Learning to transmit this,

I'm going to voice everything,

And it's gonna have the perfect pitch,

Feel the vibration,

You gonna have the itch,

Can't stop learning,

The fire in my heart is burning,

As my wheels keep on turning,

Radiating onto you,

So you know what to do,

Don't mind me, I'm listening,

You redirect me, too,

We grow together,

As we are pulled towards the Infinite,

Stuck in its gravity, moving closer,

Waiting for the tug of the magnetic pull,

Then we’re off to the races,

To all the wondrous places,

To see all of God’s faces,

And know God’s good graces,

It’s time we break these barriers,

And bow to our Superior,

Align with God and create one field of all,

There’s no tension in its walls,

We can work together when God calls,

So it’s obvious from the get-go,

That's the life I want my children to know,

So they can be themselves without hesitance,

And know that we are all one without resistance,

Ridin' that perpetual motion machine to the edge of existence,

Following the signs for assistance,

So we can manifest our potential through persistence,

Are you listenin’, do you get why I spit this?