You don't want to know me,

You want to make up stories about me,

Expecting perfection is a bit much, you see,

I'm a work in progress,

Take my time to learn my lessons,

Done rushin' forward as if I know shit,

I'm holdin' still, scanning the horizon,

Seeking reality,

You might think I'm stuck here,

But I'm 'bout to leap,

Won't know me when I land steady with a thud,

Sending out shockwaves,

Knock you off your feet,

Drop the beat, drop the bass,

Make it reverberate,

I'm an immovable object,

Can try to lift me but you won't succeed,

Staying the course, arrow nocked,

Close my eyes before I sink this Hail Mary,

You ain't listenin', you think I give a fuck?

Ain't about me, but I've got your attention,

No one gave a fuck about me,

And next thing you know I'm in prison,

‘Cause I got a voice that echoes,

Listen carefully to hear the depth,

Ready ‘cause I realize I'm not ready,

Don't make a difference, 

Nothing can change reality,

There's one God and God is All; go on doubtin' me,

Got that itch, I'm addicted to life's mystery,

Lovin' life ‘cause it's a fantasy,

"—Woah, woah, what he just say?

"This motha fucka for real?

"Or is he playin' with me?"

Sure got a part to play,

And I've been preparing,

You didn't know me,

And now I'm all you see,

Grab me a pen; let me rewrite history,

Put it more in line with reality,

Get the popcorn!  It's time for fireworks,

Watch the struggle over liars' works,

Might be barking,

But I've got the bite,

Reality is, it ain't easy being right,

Not an accident, no such thing,

Coincidences are illusions manifesting in false realities,

Ain't seein' the big picture,

There's more than meets the eye,

I ain't against you,

I'm on your side,

But you fuss and fight,

Distracted by preconceptions,

Immersed in your imperceptions,

I ain't nothin' next to the Infinite,

Look away, close your eyes,

Why don't you realize?

Find your center, find your truth,

Remove the veil placed by systemic abuse,

Compromise blows fate like a sandstorm,

Grow your roots deep and plant yourself firm,

Holding steadfast to the underlying reality,

So that no force can topple you,

Trees thirst and your mind is no exception,

Feed it so you grow vibrant and tall,

Let your leaves span the horizon,

So that your experience is full of clarity,

Consciousness is awareness,

Awareness is awakening,

It's darkest before the dawn,

But the Sun's approach lights the sky,

Painting the beauty of transition,

So stop hitting snooze, it's time to get up,

Day has come, there is work to be done!