Harshest Critic



Don't matter how much you rage,

Ain't no one alive who’s invested their energy,

Into not accepting me as I am as me,

You might find your hatred unquenchable,

Your loathing unparalleled,

Your disgust unrivaled,

And your focus unwavering,

But I've put in the time,

I've clocked the hours,

Day in and day out I've seen me as I am in truth,

I get my information straight from the source,

Ain't no second-hand opinions of what's the driving force,

I've meticulously drawn up the blueprints,

To build my house of contempt,

It is sturdy and tall,

While you've haphazardly built yours flimsy,

And for this reason it shall fall,

My criticism will live on with me,

Because it is established based on reality,

No imbalance due to partial exposure,

I'm my harshest critic,

Been under pressure as long as I can remember,

Staring into my imperfections,

As they became on display through simple comparisons,

I never accepted who I was,

But time and pressure bear diamonds.

Given the catalyst to spark crystallization,

Bringing order to a mind's aggregation,

The transformation ignites when one sees God in everything,

Because God is Everything,

What comes next is the supernova,

As lead becomes gold.

Reality is, even sturdy homes fall,

When the Infinite is in the picture,

Everything observed seems small,

And so I lock my eyes on the horizon,

Letting go of looking back,

Focused on tomorrow,

Because preparation brings success,

When life throws its difficulties,

So we can make it through without crumbling,

‘Cause our feet are planted firm,

Holding our ground against the tide,

I ain't goin' nowhere but forward,

Until the rushing waters reverse,

So that I can swim easily with the river,

Pushed towards the horizon,

But never quite making it,

Getting so far ahead that when you're stopped at E,

I ain't just goin' A to Z,

I'm approaching infinity,

Any day now I'm gonna stop off,

Lay down, put my feet up and just sit still,

Arrived at my destination,

It's time to just chill,

And be present in the moment,

‘Cause I ain't goin' nowhere at all,

But I gotta get there,

So that I can pay attention to now,

Rather than worry about tomorrow or linger in the past,

A wandering mind cannot give its all,

And that last bit is exponential,

Difference between most and infinity is all,

Gotta stop chasin', rat racin',

Found the cheese and now I'm stuck still retracing,

Feeling that whiplash of recalibration,

Somewhere in there is my center,

And I'm honing in on a new me,

Ridin' along my sweet spot,

In tune ‘cause I've been tinkering,

Learning through experiencing,

Feedin' it back so the loop can be repeated,

‘Cause understanding brings right action,

And when things click I'll gain traction,

Wheels have been spinnin' like I'm drag racin',

Beam me up, Scotty, 'bout to show you acceleration,

As I get a grip on my surroundings,

Caution!  All I make is friction,

Sling my words with pinpoint precision,

It's gonna blow!  Did someone call a surgeon?

The diagnosis is critical,

Put all of society on the operating table,

Remove the cancer that's been spreading,

Might be overrunning,

But only until exposed to light,

Stuck foaming at the mouth ‘cause I'm in your line of sight,

Pull back, gain some distance,

Look up at the Source without an intermediate,

I ain't perfect, but I didn't ask for this,

But it ain't about me, why aren't you listenin'?

I might be flawed as fuck, but it's irrelevant,

You skipped ahead, missed some steps,

And now you are getting flustered ‘cause things aren't coming together,

I've been there, but I got redirected,

Step 1 is: Know the Infinite,

If you think God ain't behind it,

Then your god is limited,

That's it, all there is to it,

Ain't complicated, now focus,

Let's stop coming back to this,

I know me, I don't need a reminder,

You can bitch all you want about me,

But I'm here, I ain't standin' down,

Not letting go, not leaving town,

‘Cause I always fall back to my rock solid foundation,

It's impenetrable,

All who fuck with it will feel its gravity,

Pull you in and feed it,

Once you cross the event horizon,

Ain't no turning back,

Now you're sucked in,

Find yourself on my side,

Seein' my perspective,

Ain't it a trip?

Oops, crash landing,

Dust yourself off, get to standing,

You're dazed, but that'll pass,

Soon you'll be able to just relax,

And gaze up at the sun with me,

Feel its warmth and bask in its beauty,

Don't fret, everything will be okay, you see,

Because God is Reality,

No need to worry about entropy,

The Great Multitasker is handlin' everything,

That's just the way of things,

‘Cause free will is a matter of fact,

Effect may seem miniscule but next to nothing it’s immense,

Our fuck ups are in need of correction,

But it's just how we learn our lessons,

No better teacher than experience,

And who you think is behind it?

Ain't no accident in what happens,

We each require our own set of classes,

Dependent on our choices,

I ain't judgin' you,

I didn't have your circumstances,

But if I did I would have walked your path,

‘Cause I am you and you are me,

We are all God in reality,

But the Infinite Mind is undivided,

And it knows what to do for self-preservation,

That means you, that means me, that means everybody,

Ain't nobody excluded from infinity,

So try as you might, you ain't stoppin' me,

I'm livin' for eternity,

Do what you choose, I'll still be me,

Spring's been coiling and it's 'bout to unload,

You ready to see how high it goes?

And I'll carry you with me,

Even if you're kicking and screaming,

‘Cause it's all good,

We're just doing what we were told.