Creating ripples everywhere I go,

Watch me as my mind unloads,

Careful where you step,

There's a storm brewing,

Wind's picking up speed,

Hold on fast, don't get swept away,

As I roll through your serenity,

Set your mind on edge,

With the flick of a switch,

You thought you knew life,

But you were just guessing,

I don't play games,

I'm in it for keeps,

This is my world,

Now you best believe.

Following the hand before me,

Rise up on my glory,

I can seize it in an instant,

Know the limit of my story,

Watch the ledge,

It's not safe up here,

Falling so far could bring you calamity,

Won't know who you were,

When I came around,

Sending waves to wash away your dreams,

I set all things at ease,

Use my release to bring you to your knees,

I'm a tidal wave,

Move over,

I'm coming through,

Be mindful where you step,

'Cause I don't have time for you,

Listen up,

Got a voice to be heard,

You don't know what I can do,

Walking a dagger's edge,

Bound to fall,

But that don't mean I'm out,

Got that determination you've never seen,

Let me show you what that means,

Boom, like a shotgun,

I'm out the gates,

Watch me fly high, show you how to navigate,

Everyone livin' without me they flat lining,

Don't know what's in store when I come your way,

Hope your foundation is good,

Rock you like an earthquake,

Shake you till you're torn apart,

Don't give a fuck what you believing,

'Cause I know what's up,

You was riding so fly,

But you missed the signs,

I was on my way,

But you just kept driving,

Tidal wave at your door,

Won't know who you are anymore,

'Cause I shake you up,

Churn you out,

Show you the way, burn you out,

Better be mindful of who you fuckin' wit',

Cross my paths your mind will be split,

Ain't payin' attention when you let me in,

Now you're running, afraid, ‘cause you got the whiff,

You smelled me and now you know my true essence,

Got you rethinking all the paradigms,

And the silly lines of trivial shit you fuckin' wit’,

That ain't my style,

You know I ride fresh,

Got that new shit, son, blistering,

Better cool off, overheating,

Knock you off your equilibrium,

Ego asunder,

You gonna hear me roar,

Show you how it's done,

You don't know me,

And fuck what you heard.

Thinkin' you can catch my flow,

Bout to let you know,

You don't know fuck about shit,

I'm coiled tight,

Beware when I unload,

If you ain't ridin' with me,

Then you about to get swept aside,

Talkin' that real shit,

You recognizing?

Don't need your approval,

For the shit that I do,

I'm a soldier,

Got my mind tuned in,

Dialed up,

Hurricane, that storm's a-ragin',

Trail blazing, better come with me,

Before you find yourself in darkness,

Wondering where the light went,

You walkin' so aimlessly,

But you fly to the light,

Be mindful you don't get too close,

Before I set you ablaze,

Poof, there your mind goes,

Rising a phoenix or caught in the undertow.

You reap what you sow,

And what I sow is so fresh,

Got you strollin' through meadows,

As you see what I see,

Got you playin' with fire,

Bout to lose control,

Safety's off when you're fuckin' wit' me,

Ain't no kiddie gloves in how I'm handling you,

Make your world shake,

When I'm done with you,

You won't know what to do,

Attack you where it hurts,

I'm ruthless, you ain't heard,

I come in and resonate,

All you can do is contemplate,

You been drinkin' the Koolaid,

But you ain't tasted my flavor,

You been addicted to poison,

Your mind loves to savor,

Best start believin' what you seein',

And fuckin' what you heard,

Before you find yourself wishin',

You'd never been born.

Got the tools to use you,

And get what I'm after,

If you don't want to play peacefully,

Then we will have war,

Show you you're wrong,

Make you my example,

I ain't askin' you,

Bowing to my every wish,

Make you my little bitch,

‘Cause you fucked with me,

And you can't fuck with the best.

Grabbed my flow when you was dissin',

But you didn't know what you were missing,

Never listening, dismissing, resisting,

Judging my actions,

But I didn't give you permission,

Didn't ask for shit I was given,

But you best believe I be ridin',

Catch that swell up through the atmosphere,

I'm riding dirty,

Follow my own journey,

I be hustlin',

You ain't seen my style,

So you in denial,

Hold me on trial,

Try to put my shoes on,

But you couldn't walk a mile,

You a chump,

Feeding shit that ain't worth a shit,

My well is overflowin',

Fountain of youth sprung in my garden,

Can lead a horse to water,

But can't make 'em drink,

You're oblivious,

It's so obvious,

Can't see through the lobbyists,

Sold just like a hobbyist,

Your devotion is torn,

‘Cause you ain't seen life through my eyes,

Better recognize,

I ain't nothin' to fuck with.

Ain't about me,

You ain't listenin',

Too busy explaining,

Playin' the expert on who I am,

Like you know where I've been,

Or seen what I've seen,

But you don't know shit,

So you best start forgetting,

Release the shit you've been misconstruing,

About what it is I've been doing,

Or what I'm after,

‘Cause it's all bullshit,

I ain't no trick fool,

Swindled in illusion,

I'm real as fuck,

And you suffer from delusion,

Got your mind unscrewed,

Acting in collusion,

Afraid of the Boogeyman,

Lookin' like a deer in the headlights,

Caught with your pants down,

Making yourself a spectacle,

Never knowing what to do,

Acting out of ignorance,

You suffer from belligerence,

Your arrogance is presumptuous,

Acting childish ‘cause your fears outlandish,

Ain't no time for your gibberish,

Thoughts incohesive as you attempt to unwind me.

Don't got all the answers,

But I have the most important one,

Ain't a master,

But I know how to have fun,

Selfish as fuck,

‘Cause I know how to selfless,

When you come around me,

You will find yourself helpless,

Questioning all the shit you've ever done,

Wondering how your decisions could be so factless,

You're delirious,

There's nothing mysterious,

Your steps are precarious,

It's hilarious,

I'm serious,

Your skills are miscellaneous,

You built your house from the top down,

When I huff and puff I'll blow it down,

You're a clown,

Your decisions aren't sound,

I'll knock them to the ground,

Till who you were can't be found,

Because you've got no hinge,

You live on the fringe,

You're about to binge,

Make me cringe,

Careful around me,

You gonna get singed,

‘Cause you ain't locked in,

You're locked up,

Stuck in a cage,

Gonna make me rage,

When I come on the stage,

Make Bruce Banner look like Winnie the Pooh,

‘Cause I ain't got time for you,

I got a life to live,

Shit I gotta do before I'm through,

So you better get a clue,

I'll break your mind to pieces,

And offer you the glue,

Think you know me but you ain't listenin',

Kettle's on, let me pour you a taste of my brew,

Bottom's up and here's to you.