When we are born, we do not come with an instruction manual. And yet we do; it is written in the cosmos. As we are not directly aware of it, we go about our lives without taking the time to sit down and carefully read it.


Our focus acts as a lens as we receive energy to fuel us from where our attention lies. Through a philosophical approach at physics, this book gives a glimpse into our hidden potential, if we might just learn to focus our attention.


All things are part of the picture and only when we zoom out enough to see the infinite nature of reality can we focus on it and bring resolution to the big picture. To grow, we must learn to be lifelong students of reality. Like a magnet, if we get close enough to the truth and are open to receive it we will be pulled in. Discover why, scientifically, all is one and one is all.



The Instruction Manual: As It Is Written In the Cosmos
PDF of the book in full. Because fuck the system. :)
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