Fuck the System (II)



My blood is racin',

My mind is ragin',

When you tell me to bend over and take it,

Well, sorry, you're mistaken.

I see you stealing,

I see you concealing,

Ain't nothing appealing,

About forced kneeling,

Don't give a damn whose doing it,

Woops, I'm standing up,

You gonna hear how I'm viewing it,

You done fucked with the wrong one,

Take from me?

You're living in a fantasy,

I'm going for your foundation,

It's time for a castration,

I see your weak point,

Ain't no way you'll be standing,

After a direct hit of logic and reason,

Call it what you want,

It's still theft and treason.

Your shit works until it doesn't,

Guess what?

It's time for something more pleasant,

That ain't throwing away the future for the present,

Good luck picking up the pieces,

Gonna be like the buildings you destroy,

All in shambles,

Gotta be completely torn down to rebuild,

By the time you get back up,

You'll find the house unoccupied,

Where'd everyone go?

They moved on to green pastures,

To a place where they ain't swindled with slight-of-hand,

Where they ain't deceived by "the man",

Kept on grabbing their attention then sneaking your hand in their pocket,

Like that shit was gonna work forever,

You can only swindle so much,

Sorry, you're shit ain't that clever,

The con game's run it course,

Now its time for the discourse,

It doesn't have to be this way,

Stop driving division,

Then trying to address the symptoms,

By blaming it on individuals,

Who ain't as fortunate,

You take and you take,

What'd you think was gonna happen?

And you play like you give a shit,

Everything matters,

Stop being lazy,

You think just because you've come up with reasons to persist,

Means that you should exist?

A construct of the mind,

Your a system that was designed,

Based on incomplete knowledge and awareness,

A stepping stone to a brighter future,

And we're taking the next step,

Thanks for everything,

But we're on to the next thing,

Don't care if people defend you,

It ain't about them,

It's about you being a soulless entity,

A made up idea placed between me and my deity,

You feed and you feed off the living,

Sorry I'm not sorry,

But it's time you are the one facing starvation,

That you are the one attacked and bombarded,

That you are the one beaten into submission.

How many times do I gotta say it?

Fuck the system, fuck the systemfuck the system.