Fuck the System


Ain't no obstruction of justice if you ain't bringin' it,

Arbitrary lines drawn in the sand,

Don't make their penalties equivalent,

No rhyme or reason for each punishment,

‘Cause the system ain't founded in what is,

It's just a crock of shit.

Holes in the flawed design needin' replacement,

Like a cult to a religion,

There's no difference between a mafia and a government,

Runnin' the shakedown in the name of law and order,

Feedin' the beast and lying its brick and mortar,

Guilty until proven innocent as we draw our borders,

Two wrongs don't make a right,

Ain't no justice in your disorder,

Playin' dress-up don't make you authentic,

Forcing your will doesn't bring change, it damns it,

Imposing on others, misinformation got you actin' hellbent,

Flawed ideology in need of nourishment,

And there's no time like the present,

Limiting others limits self—why you actin' a fool?

Ain't livin' in the real world, let me take you back to school,

No balance comes when hypocrites rule,

Struggling for steady-state under their pull,

Taking our freedoms and playin' it cool,

Freedom ain't yours to offer, your shit's fake,

Bitch, you best back off what's not yours to take,

I was born this way, you won't make me break,

Standin' up for my rights for my own sake,

Nothin' you do is gonna make me shake,

What, you ain't able to talk?  Why you gotta get rough?

Just ‘cause you can use force don't make you tough,

When exactly is enough enough?

Actin' ignorant ‘cause you are absorbed in the fluff,

Peaceful demeanor about to get me in handcuffs,

‘Cause you are afraid of the change,

You so desperately want to instill,

Mind filled with flaws needin' to be distilled,

Hasn't there already been enough blood spilled?

Countless killed and their relatives billed,

My actions ain't perfect, and this life is a process,

But this system's broke with no chance of success,

Thinkin' if Utopia's not here it's ‘cause laws aren't in excess,

Letting go and letting God is the only chance of progress,

Where's the trust you so adamantly express?
Wasting energy that could be used towards necessities,

Inefficiencies rampant due to such absurdities,

World aplenty while we create scarcities,

Trust in God!  Where's your piety?

Pay attention as I bring you to clarity,

Reverence is absent when you're livin' in vanity,

Following the True Master is the only way out of this insanity,

Choosing flawed gods is the cause of disparity,

Choosing the Infinite is the route to prosperity,

Stop worshiping the limited!  You're feeding polarity,

We ain't gonna come together with you stuck in a false reality,

Trying to address the symptoms ignores causality,

Side-effects rippling from your irrationality,

Just ‘cause you were born a certain race in a certain place,

Don't mean you need to practice immorality,

That ain't the case, when you gonna face our commonality?

We are all one, nothing can be done to erase this actuality,

‘Cause God is All, each's realization of this is a certain eventuality,

Standing for part only serves to prolong the duality,

Fuck the system!  Pardon my formality.

Tryin' to take the weapons but your army shows your hypocrisy,

Rife with double standards throughout this idiocracy,

Presenting handpicked candidates as if that's a democracy,

Might as well be a monarchy under this shadow oligarchy,

Distracting with labels and buzz words,

There may be progress, but the direction is backwards,

Smoke and mirrors is the tactic of cowards,

Deception and manipulation only work for a time,

Layers upon layers of puppeteers trying to bring their paradigm,

Sooner or later the sun is gonna shine,

Where you gonna hide when everyone sees you in full daylight?

When the gig's up and your vicious ways are in plain sight?

You gonna wish you could dig deeper to hide in the night,

‘Cause when the truth comes out everything will be set right,

In your hay day you may have put up a fight,

But you're powerless without others' might,

Need to stop devising plans and go with the flow,

Only preparation you can do is work on what you know,

Knowledge is the key to self-empowerment,

Becoming all that you can be ain't no detriment,

And knowing God is the foundation of your betterment,

You saw one puzzle piece and tried to guess the picture,

Then you ignored the rest because you were so certain in your conjecture,

Looks like it's time for another lecture,

Learning new parts of the Infinite makes life an adventure,

Stubbornly holding on will only delay your rightful future,

So take a moment and reflect to get out of your stupor,

Love all so you can love God and be a true world mover.