Damn, actin' like you know me,

You gonna do you, who you think I'ma do?

We'll see how much is true,

Mighta heard, but you didn't listen,

Thought you knew how I do, why you multitaskin'?

Tellin' me your deepest thoughts,

I'ma sit here patiently,

Waiting for you to see,

Might not be today,

But you gonna hear what I have to say,

Don't matter if you push me away,

You can't escape me, I'm here to stay,

Run to the ends of the earth, I'll be there,

Do what you gotta do, I don't care,

Whatever it takes to make you aware,

‘Cause we ain't seein' eye-to-eye,

If we can't work together, how can we fly?

I'm not compromising, I know what I know,

I ain't theorizing, time to shake the status quo,

Might call me an optimist, even a summer child,

But truth is I'm a realist, go ahead and question my style,

Horizon expanded, I zoomed out to the max,

To where nothing matters but the facts,

Now I'm zoned in with unbroken focus,

Half tryin' to analyze me but all you see is hocus pocus,

Ain't carryin' but I'm strapped,

Got that flowing river of the infinite tapped,

If you ain't listening I know your mind is trapped,

Pay attention as reality is mapped,

My words are beckoning, but when my jam came on you napped,

Got you pullin' weapons ‘cause you fear me,

Actin' a fool ‘cause you don't hear me,

Too wrapped up in your world to invest energy,

Into trying to understand that which is outside your perceived reality,

If I said it more than once it's because it’s important,

Open your mind and start being observant,

Awareness is the seed to clairvoyance,

Stop being avoidant,

If you don't want this session to be recurrent,

There's many more lessons to be learned,

It's time to start bein' God's student,

Let go of the shit that ain't servin' ya,

If you're a true player then you'll draw in those deservin' ya,

Don't need to force 'em to see shit from your side,

Not everyone is ready for a guide, how 'bout you?

Might call me a hypocrite,

But I didn't make you listen to my shit,

You had a choice, I just gave you the option,

Now can’t you see my lyrics are poppin’?

Take a sip of my potion,

Watch the sun rise over my ocean,

Time you start valuing thought before action,

So you can be real and quit actin',

My words ain't just revolutionary, they're evolutionary,

Trainin' the hundredth monkey,

Yeah, I'm legendary,

Black holes last frozen in time,

Watch me as I shine,

I'll realign your state of mind,

Don't matter if you live during my stay,

My rays reach across midday,

"Here he go bein' cocky,"

There you go still actin' like you know me,

I get to the heart of the matter,

Have you bothered to peel back the layers?

Let me make things clear,

I ain't just an engineer, nor a physicist,

Not just an entrepreneur, nor a lyricist,

Turnin' lead into gold but ain't just an alchemist,

I see through you but don't call me a psychologist,

I'm unlimited, got my fingers in everything,

Ain't stoppin' 'till I'm prepared for anything,

Because I got a life to live to its fullest,

If you ain't doin' the same then you're what a fool is,

I told you I'm God,

But you ain't listening,

Just ‘cause you don't know yourself,

Don't mean my truth ain't glistening,

You're God; this is your christening,

Follow the shepherd,

As this storm is weathered,

Might be outnumbered,

But that's just how it goes,

At the edge of the Gaussian curve of reality deciphered,

I'ma redirect the flow of things,

Bring us back towards Infinity,

‘Cause there's a power in me that’s unstoppable,

When I put my mind to it anything is possible,

Don't matter how improbable,

Even if I'm fallible,

I'll dig in the rough until I am capable,

This movement is inescapable,

When you see God,

Your thirst is insatiable,

Goin’ through change until I'm stable,

Grown in consciousness so the rushing river became a trickle,

Problems are surmountable,

When we grow larger than their magnitude,

It's all about one's attitude,

Varied perspective brings fortitude,

It brings resonance and servitude,
'Bout to increase our frequency's amplitude,
We goin’ exponential,
Watch this mountain grow in altitude,
Feel that whiplash,
As this chain of events picks up momentum,
Gonna hear it when it breaks the sound barrier,
Won't be anything clearer,

Utopia's here; hold the note,

This is no staccato,

Feel the crescendo,

We goin' up,

But we ain't comin' down though,
I look in the mirror,
And know what I stand for,
I ain't playin’,
Might have a lot, but I demand more,
If you ain't with me it's ‘cause you can't see past how I'm perceived,
Which one of us is thinkin' they are onto something when they are deceived?

I know you question my style,

But I’m allowed to be me,

Someone’s gotta do it,

And I’ve been given the opportunity,

It’s simple: awareness or ignorance,

Choose one; don’t choose indifference.