The Structure of Earth

When the Moho was punctured and mantle flowed from the hole, under the crust and atop the Moho, in all directions

It caused a current to flow under the crust of the continents and between their adjacent boundaries

The Earth's structure grew to form an Eye

...of an ammonite structure

...of Shaligram Earth

Which involved the top of the planet being encircled with novas

This chain reaction produced arrow-like extensions between the novas, causing islands and other features

Colliding Currents below the surface influenced the terrain above

The Himalayas formed in a vibrating manner due to currents causing a natural pressure-relief valve

Currents updated (Work in progress):

Australia radioactively decayed causing an ammonite structure as its nucleus

Australia's decay process remains imprinted in the Pacific Ocean floor region that was beneath it

Which led to features having exemplary characteristics of symbols

Energy propagating under South America moved as a flame moves

Which split the core of Africa and led to its many geological features