My flow is my state of mind,

Recorded with a pen for you to find,

Set across time so you can see me shine,

Live vicariously through me till you break free,

Set your mind at ease as you begin to see,

There ain't no god but God and God is Unlimited,

Ain't no me but me and I am accredited,

Devoted in service to the Masterweaver,

Shown the way, more than a believer,

Knowledge ain't opinion when disputed from all sides,

Driven by my heart where the One and Only resides,

Submitting to the Master so I can abide,

Floating with the river is so much easier besides,

Throwin' my fucks to give by the wayside,

So I can toss hypocrisy over the shipside,

Sail on, eyes locked to my destination,

Priorities rearranged towards my foundation,

Keepin' up with my mind's hydration,

So I don't face stagnation,

Sendin' out good vibrations,

Not running from my temptations,

So I can feed my gestation, 

Always growing is my aspiration,

So I can serve without capitulation,

Nothing matters but following,

Remove the toxins you've been swallowing,

They don't serve you in outgrowing,

The shit you've been echoing,

Recognize your transformation is undergoing,

And it's best to walk around tiptoeing,

So your ignorance isn't showing,

Learning from what others are sowing,

We rise together when we feed off each other,

Don't matter if you're my mother or brother,

Educated by the actions of one another,

Feeding fuel to ignite so the fire isn't smothered,

Sparking each other's metamorphosis,

This ain't no hypothesis,

Nor an overemphasis,

I'm not your nemesis,

I strive for your synthesis,

So you can maintain your homeostasis,

But it starts with your mind's genesis,

Once you choose to focus on self-analysis,

Even when judging outward, look inward,

It's the only way to move forward,

Look at the words you choose to use,

Did you mean to be so forceful?

That shit don't ever work,

Except to leave you remorseful,

If you flyin' high,

You will learn to be resourceful,

Love is on your side when workin' to drive change,

Are you sure your priorities don't need rearranged?

Hate only serves to leave you estranged,

With a lingering feeling of being shortchanged,

There's a message in everything if you seek to observe it,

Other's respect only comes when we deserve it,

When you get it be mindful you preserve it,

No action earns the right to forever reserve it,

If you don't value what you have you'll lose it,

Relationships are delicate, be careful you don't bruise it,

If you ain't mindful you'll abuse it,

Can insert a wedge even if they excuse it,

Pulling that out is no small feat,

Talk is cheap until you're complete,

No words ever served to erase an action,

Forgiveness only comes when we stop choosing a faction,

And get on God's side ‘cause God is unlimited,

There's no flaw when love is evenly distributed.