A theory for how gravity causes electromagnetic fields
Research Paper; July 2018

Electromagnetic fields are considered to be the result of the fundamental force of electromagnetism. Using classical mechanics, a description for how gravity could theoretically cause electromagnetic fields is presented. Due to the capability of particles to physically travel through systems which they orbit, the existence of gravitational orbital patterns in the shape of a Figure-8 is proposed. As a result, it is proposed that gravity produces electromagnetic fields by the flow of particles in a Figure-8 orbital. Thereby, according to the theory, gravity is demonstrably the cause of electromagnetism.
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The Universal Principle of Natural Philosophy
Research Paper; August, 2014.

The Universal Principle of Natural Philosophy states that the universe consists only of
infinitely divisible mass, infinite volume, and gravity. This is realized due to a model which
explains the cosmic microwave background, the redshift in the light spectrum of all distant galaxies
as well as supercluster observations using gravitational redshift and gravitational lensing alone.
Evidence is shown that gravity is the only fundamental law of the universe, and that
electromagnetism, weak interaction, and strong interaction are the results of gravity, and therefore
the Universal Principle of Natural Philosophy can be realized.
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The Simple Reality (book), June, 2017.
Reality is not complicated but rather is simple and elegant. This book is designed to demonstrate how that is so, from start to finish, in as short and as informative of an approach as possible using step-by-step descriptions and accompanying Figures so as to be easy to follow along!
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