The Vision


All is One, One is All.  This fundamental basis of reality is the foundation of a successful society.  This outlook necessitates consideration of as many views as possible to merge them, alike to the colors of the rainbow, into one unified understanding that radiates balanced, white light.  All sources are elements of one picture.  We each carry unique perspectives on reality that can influence one another towards change.  However, because we do not share the same Unlimited God, we lack full alignment and thus we experience turbulence between systems.  It is only when we work together, as a unit where all elements are in alignment with specifically awareness that All is One, One is All that we can begin to climb out of the struggles we live in and transform into a crystalline society.  This is because only the Unlimited God can be shared by all, else there are discrepancies, and it demonstrates that there is only one way to love that God: to love all.  To accept all for who they are and support them regardless of the circumstances that have fallen upon them.  We may not be perfect, but what was the shape of the diamond before it was molded by the pressure and energy of the earth?  Our time for peace and uninterrupted contentment will come, but we must first build the foundation for its success through awareness and persistence.



Help Needed

In June 2014, I quit my job as a patent examiner to pursue the research herein.  If you feel from what you have found here that my time would be best spent doing precisely as I see fit in any given moment, with whatever means I have at hand to fully manifest ideas, then I would like to invite you to directly help me by including this option to donate.  Additionally, please contact me if you would like to participate or assist in any way.  Thank your for your time, I literally cannot do this without you.