Why It All Matters

Why It All Matters: Physics and It's Applications

Physics Is For Everyone!

Due to our rigorous efforts to study the universe, the world is filled with observations and interpretations that guide how we function as individuals and as a society.  


Regardless of if we recognize how our own perspective on the universe plays into our daily life, every concept that we gain awareness of interacts with our current beliefs to bring a balance between the pieces of information to arrive at a new perspective.


For example, if you think the Big Bang happened, then it plays a role in how you see the world!  You may draw from this in interpreting other aspects of reality--life, God, and other such topics can be influenced by us accepting what others say without putting the time into drawing our own conclusions.

How It Affects You

You may be asking, "why does this all matter to me?"  Sure, better understanding of physics might be useful for scientists but you may be feeling that understanding fully would not be applicable to your own life.  Or maybe you feel you are not especially good at science and the task of understanding with greater clarity is too daunting.


The truth is, physics is not complicated.  We make it complicated when we use approximations, but the reality of how the universe functions is simple.  Many people I meet who see my work look at it and are amazed while simultaneously indicating their background holds them back, which makes them choose to not pursue it for what value it may contain.  What I hear is people limiting themselves when I know we are all God--unlimited


The universe is infinite, and this means "stuff" in the universe gets ever bigger and ever smaller--that there is no end.  The force of gravity then manipulates this stuff into the universe as we see it.  


The significance of this is that it stream-lines your ability to perceive the underlying reality.  You may not have any exposure to the observations, but you know how gravity functions through living in a world where everything follows it, and can envision orbits with a wide range of variables.  With each observation, then, you can use the very simple model and just think about it.  Everything won't click in an instant, but the more you go through observations the more clear it will become.  It is my goal to present in an order that brings most understanding as quickly as possible.


The key benefit of not just being aware that this theory exists but fundamentally understanding that it is the reality of the situation through seeing why is that you can know it.  Knowing is crucial to then being able to take the steps and decipher all the meaning hidden within.  There are countless parallels that exist between physics of matter and physics of consciousness.  And the more parallels you yourself can be conscious of and draw from, the greater the benefits you will receive from physics in your day-to-day life and the choices you make.


When two people interact, they function identically to the physics of two masses in the cosmos.  Depending on variables such as the angle of approach, velocity, and relative masses, a certain orbit will arise.  If the two people are distant--not in physical distance but in not knowing one another--they will not greatly influence one another and no orbital will arise.  If they do not enter one another's life again, they will not even make note, like a passerby on the street. 


The closer people become, through interactions, the stronger the bond between the them.  In the same manner, the closer masses become to one another, the larger their force of gravity on one another.  When they get close enough, they get gravitationally locked in an orbit with one another that has a varying, or constant, distance of separation.  If the angle brings them very close to one another quickly, then they can function like a comet that has extremely varied distances of separation over time.  In this way, the angle of approach plays a role in if an orbital forms and what shape is produced.


Additionally, velocity--pace through life--causes varying exposure times that lead to varying orbital shapes.  If we are moving through life in a way where we only give others short exposure to us, then we function like two masses moving quickly past one another; even if our distances of separation at points gets close, the time for redirecting one another is too short and the overall result is we continue on our ways.


Lastly, our relative masses are ultimately a function of our awareness through experience.  We can look to time as an example of a measure of experience.  A parent's awareness is so "massive" relative to their newborn child's that they drastically influence the child, so much so that they can extensively "take after them".  In this circumstance, because the masses are so different but they are close and spend much time together, they are gravitationally locked in an orbital where the child repetitively comes back to the parent for various reasons throughout life as a source of information, i.e. a source of awareness.  This, then, is alike to a smaller particle in an electromagnetic field of a larger particle, repetitively traveling back and through the parent for direction.


If the relative masses are similar, then a much more uniform and equal give-and-take relationship can form alike to the circular orbital of Earth around the Sun.  Regardless of time, the distance of separation remains the same.  This can happen as a child grows older and their "mass ratio" changes.  For example, a 1 year old with 30 year old parents will be a 5 year old with 34 year old parents will be a 10 year old with 39 year old parents will be a 30 year old with 59 years old parents, and so on.  The ratio, over time, changes and thus the orbital can change with time.


When two masses get sufficiently close and collide, a new system is born.  Marriage is alike to this, in a moment two systems become one.


What this all tells us is that gravity and love function identically.  We do not know what gravity is, only that it is.  By making parallels between physics and consciousness, we can say that gravity is the Love of God.  Gravity is the one and only fundamental force of nature, in terms of physics, because it creates all that is.  From this one, singular force, all that is arises.  Even though all it does is pull, it immediately manifests in the polar system of electromagnetism.  Just the same, even though we are all God, and all we do is love, this immediately manifests in the dualistic system of opposition we observe.  However, we can look past this duality and see the reality of the situation just the same as we can look past electromagnetism and see the singular force of gravity.


The parallels are everywhere, and the more you learn, the more you can see.  Like a tree growing, its ability to absorb more energy increases as it expands, and our ability to gain more awareness increases as our awareness expands.  God is Infinite and you are God.  If you want to understand, you need only recognize you are able to and put in the earnest effort.  I believe in you!  I am not special, nor am I by any means a genius, I have just spent the time to think it through.  Nothing more, nothing less.  And like any path traveled, it is easier to navigate it if there is a trail already made.  Especially one with directions for the trip and signs and assistance along the way!


And notably, while I may not be a genius, I am not a fool; I know I need your help!  I am one person, with one perspective, and the true value of this knowledge will only come to fruition when the world takes the reigns and uncovers all its intricacies.  Together, we will uncover all the truths essential to a successful civilized society.

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